Navitech is the only specialized exhibition for satellite navigation in Russia. Being the main trade show for navigation industry professionals, it brings together leading Russian and foreign developers and manufacturers of navigation equipment and technologies, services and software including mapping applications, shows relevant global trends, and determines development of the national market of satellite navigation.
NAVITECH-2021 is:
  • A unique trade show of satellite navigation in Russia
  • World premieres of innovative satellite navigation solutions, systems, technologies, equipment and services, navigation and information technology, geodesy and cartography under one roof
  • Active business contacts and effective cooperation with businessmen, potential investors, authorities, and researchers from 30 countries
NAVITECH: Launch Of New Products:
  • The recent innovation boom in navigation brings many new products.
  • These presentations are intended to draw the customers’ attention to new products.
NAVITECH: The Highest Density Of Visitors:
  • The average number of unique visitors to each exhibition stand is 14. They represent:
    • State-owned enterprises
    • Road transport
    • Construction
    • Rail transport
    • Sea and river transport
    • Air transport
    • Extractive companies
    • Agriculture and timber industries
    • Public utilities
    • Mass consumer market
  • and many other industry sectors.
NAVITECH: A Strategic Entry Into The Russian Satellite Navigation Market
  • Thanks to the event’s high international standing, acknowledged by the UFI label, and cooperation of the show runners with the authorities, industry associations and research centres, the Navitech participants get every opportunity to exploit their potential.
  • Every year the exhibition attracts more and more navigation professionals, many of whom are the world’s leading experts and consumers of the navigation industry.
Major thematic sections of the exhibition:

 Unmanned, highly automated and connected cars:
  • Technologies and solutions that ensure the continuous growth of the capabilities of unmanned and highly automated transport and open the way to a new era of unmanned mobility. Systems for autonomous driving, active safety, driver assistance, recognition of road signs, markings and pedestrians, interaction of vehicles with each other, information about the road situation, remote on-board diagnostics and other solutions. Russian navigation and service platform «Autodata». Ecosystem, products and services.
 Smart roads:
  • Digital road doubles, high-resolution, high-precision and constantly updated digital terrain maps, a wide range of sensors, sensors, devices, and traffic optimization and management systems that enable the interaction of self-driving and connected cars with the smart road infrastructure for fast and safe movement.
 Smart cities:
  • A world of solutions and technologies that make the modern city safer, more comfortable, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than ever before. A range of MAAS (Mobility as a Service) smart urban mobility services that transform traditional ideas about the convenience and speed of movement in an urban environment. Urban microtransport.
 Transport telematics:
  • The latest developments in the field of navigation systems and monitoring of road transport, fleet management, solutions for smart insurance and other applications of transport telematics and navigation and service platforms. Big data, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity in transport telematics. «ERA-GLONASS+» – products and services. Autonet market – advanced services and services.
 Space technologies:
  • Space-based remote sensing systems and high-precision satellite navigation to ensure the most efficient operation of ground transport and other industry applications. The perspective program of complex development of space information technologies "Sfera".

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